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Our mission is to enable you to thrive in your business and your well-being.

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At our core, Quest strives to be different from other coworking spaces in many ways. Our founder, Laura Kozelouzek, is a true industry leader who strives to empower entrepreneurs and business professionals from all walks of life. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality and flexible workspace industries, Ms. Kozelouzek is committed to making a difference in the lives of people just like you. 


Imagine putting a prestigious address in one of the most sought-after business communities in Florida or New York on YOUR business cards! This dream can become a reality at Quest Workspaces. By joining our women-led coworking community, you will be able to welcome clients to your private office space, tastefully decorated and fully equipped with all of the amenities you would expect from a top business, without the high cost. Starting at just $500 a month,  you and your clients will also have access to meeting rooms for groups of all sizes, reception and administrative services, coffee and tea, Zoom meeting centers, and much more! 



As impressive as the amenities are at Quest Workspace, The best part of joining our coworking community is building your own professional network by connecting with other Questers across all industries. Just think of all the ways your business will thrive within an ideal work culture that includes:


Problem Solvers:  Working from home is distracting and unproductive for most professionals, yet returning to a large office is both expensive and unsafe in these uncertain times. For these and many other problems, Quest Workspaces has solutions! Just tell us what you and your team need in order to thrive in a coworking space.


Empowered: Armed with the best the business world has to offer, your company will go further with the help of Quest Workspaces. At Quest, our priority is your prosperity. Distinctive private office spaces in high-profile buildings impress clients and speak volumes about your success. Nonprofit organizations can take advantage of all these benefits for free with our Quest Cares program. Confidence is key to prosperity, and it all starts at Quest!


Enthusiastic: The staff at Quest Workspaces is here to make sure that you and your clients feel welcome at our facilities with our first-class concierge services and warm and friendly hospitality. Community events and attractive common areas encourage socialization and networking among respected professionals. 


Conscientious:  The difference is in the details at Quest Workspaces.  We provide everything you need to do your job. Book in-person meetings with clients or take advantage of our virtual services and Zoom rooms. Our administrative staff makes sure that all those small services that exist in larger companies are available to Questers regardless of company size. Our cleaning crew keeps both private and communal spaces sparkling clean!

Professionalism: Even solopreneurs can demand respect with the right support network. Branded office signage in some of the best buildings in the hottest business hubs in Florida and New York makes clients stand up and take notice.  Professional services and amenities provide the look and feel of an established business, even if you are just starting out. Our staff aims to please, and we are always looking for new ways to help Questers to succeed!

Our mission is to enable you to thrive in your business and your well-being.

At Quest, our priority is your prosperity. Through distinctive, “turn-key,” undisrupted private offices with first-class concierge services and warm and friendly hospitality, we offer flexible options that will enable you and your business to thrive—working the way you want.

Decades of hospitality and flexible workspace experience, combined with an ethos of innovation, business community-building, and constant improvement is why Quest Workspaces leads private office innovation.

Through Quest Cares Foundation, we help create thriving businesses and communities with initiatives that support economic development, sustainability, and well-being.

Quest Workspaces is a woman-owned business, founded and owned by Laura Kozelouzek. With over 30 years experience in the hospitality and flexible workspace industries, Laura is a recognized industry leader and expert with a passion and commitment to inspiring others to pursue their quests for a prosperous and meaningful business and life.


Quest Workspaces offers free office space and services to qualified nonprofits, 501(c) and charitable organizations.


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