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The “New Normal:” How Private Flexible Office Space Can Balance Business Growth and Home Life.
Amidst a pandemic that is disrupting life and work, the freedom and choice to work the way that keeps you and your business productive, thriving, and healthy has never been more important. There is a “new normal” of private office workspaces that provide a solution […]
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Micro-Class Learning Pods in Private Offices Help Parents Work Well and Children Learn Well
Looking for peace of mind and productivity when schools return virtually or with limited hours? Private offices and the emergence of “learning pods” could be the perfect combination to provide a solution for your productivity and your child’s learning when schools are fully virtual or […]
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Creating a Safe Office Space: How to De-Risk Your Workspace in a Time of Uncertainty
As companies prepare to go back to their usual workspaces soon, it is important that you take steps to de-risk your workspace and communicate these measures clearly in order to mitigate any uncertainty that comes with reopening. A truly safe office space is achievable if […]
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