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The Freedom to Work the Way They Want ​

Whether you're crafting strategies for your clients to facilitate their return to work, a hub-and-spoke approach, or exploring innovative solutions for the evolving landscape, Quest Workspaces is here to support your journey in guiding clients through these dynamic times.

With over 14 locations in the Florida and New York City, partnering with Quest for your client’s flexible workspace and hybrid needs just makes sense.

In 2023 we gladly paid our broker partners over $250,000 in commissions and are proud of the CRE broker relationships we have fostered over our 13-year history. With your support, we have grown over 50% in the past year and we will open three new additional locations by Spring 2024.

We take extra special care of your clients so that they can thrive, grow and continue to work with you as they expand.


Our Generous Commission Structure includes:

Pre-Opening Commissions: 20% of total contract value 1-12 months on deals closing within the first 60 days of open.
Initial Term up to 12 months: 10%​ ​ 
Expansions within 12 months:  10% on additional or expansion offices
Renewal Months 13-24: 2% with active broker representation​ ​
Initial term >12 months: 10% on months 1-12​
2% on months 13-24

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