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Coworking & Office Space Rentals in Plantation, FL

Why Choose Quest Workspaces Plantation?

  • A gorgeous, 1st-class building in a tranquil suburban location
  • A setting in nature with lush trees and parks
  • Just a 20-min drive West of Fort Lauderdale
  • Free and easy parking
  • Close to Port Everglades, an economic center & gateway for international trade and cruise vacations
  • Directly off I-595 and close to Florida Turnpike
  • Access to Quest meeting rooms, day offices and amenities at nearby Quest Fort Lauderdale

Coworking & Office Rentals in Plantation, FL

Why Quest Workspaces Plantation?

Remote or hybrid working is the new normal in many industries since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Family obligations and personal health and safety are keeping many professionals out of traditional offices, yet the in-home office is often not a suitable replacement.  Shared office space at Quest Workspaces Plantation offers an alternative for residents of Fort Lauderdale and surrounding communities.

Discover how our woman-owned coworking space makes success available to professionals in Plantation.

It is not a coincidence that both small businesses and international corporations are putting down roots in South Florida in recent years. Over 5000 businesses have a home base in Plantation, including many local independently owned retailers, restaurants, and service providers. Its quiet, suburban feel makes for a comfortable place to expand at your own pace.

What Makes Office Space at Quest Workspaces Plantation Different?

Many small business owners or solopreneurs may feel like just a number or a statistic in the average coworking space. At Quest Workspaces Plantation, we know that there is no single one-size-fits-all formula that guarantees success to all businesses. Since we are on a mission to provide support to all of our Questers, we take great pride in selecting locations, buildings, and services that provide the details and amenities necessary to create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming. Take a look at what you will find waiting for you at Quest Workspaces Plantation:

  • All-inclusive pricing starting at just $500/month includes a fully furnished and tastefully decorated coworking space, utilities, WiFi, cleaning services, and more!
  • A professional and private office space free of the distractions of children, pets and other obligations of home, where you can work productively or meet with clients
  • Treadmill desk decreases the risks associated with a completely sedentary lifestyle
  • A reception team to greet your clients and lend credibility to your business
  • Enhanced Zoom Rooms to meet remotely with clients or other members of your team without leaving the comfort of Plantation
  • Flexible arrangements for private offices, office hours packages, conference rooms, and virtual services.
  • Quest’s award-winning hospitality and concierge service for both members and their clients
  • Administrative services to handle the small logistics and details of business life
  • Networking opportunities with our Quester community of seasoned professionals to help you grow your business
  • Easy access to and from neighboring communities and the city of Fort Lauderdale via Florida Turnpike, I595, I75, and the Sawgrass Expressway
  • Minutes from downtown Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood International Airport for travel and entertaining out of town clients
  • Work-life balance made easy in the planned city of Plantation with its distinct flair, various entertainment hubs, retail shops, museums, transportation options, and more

Join A Coworking Community In South Florida today!

Move out of your home office and start or expand your business in Plantation Florida at Quest Workspaces. Book a tour today and discover how you can benefit from our South Florida coworking space.

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Our pricing includes it all: furniture, Internet service, office management and support staff receptionist, concierge and mail services, office signage, café with unlimited coffee & more!

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Virtual Services

Perfect for the flourishing solopreneur and new to market companies to companies looking to simplify, our virtual services options are the most flexible and affordable.

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Meeting Rooms

Wi-Fi, TV+HDMI, dry erase board, conference phone, unlimited coffee tea & water, catering upon request. Notary and administrative services, too. Need anything – we can handle it!



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What Makes Office Space at Quest Different?

  • Boutique private offices with solid walls, not glass fishbowls
  • Flexible arrangements for private offices, office hours packages, conference rooms, and virtual services.
  • Quest hospitality and concierge services that take care of business for you
  • Award-winning professional staff support
  • Enhanced Zoom video conference rooms
  • A seasoned and well-established clientele of professionals and companies to help your success

Enjoy Office Space that is Near:

  • Fort Lauderdale International Airport
  • Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
  • Westside Regional Medical Center
  • West Regional Courthouse
  • Jacaranda Golf Club
  • Pine Island Ridge Country Club
  • Fort Lauderdale Country Club
  • Inverrary Country Club
  • Woodlands Country Club
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Plantation Central Park
  • Central to Weston, Sunrise, downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Private Office Space in a Premier Plantation Location

Hidden from the hustle and bustle of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, the Quest Workspaces’ Plantation Center offers the accessibility to the Class A amenities of a Downtown high-rise in a tranquil suburban setting. The location provides easy access to the Florida Turnpike, I595, I75, the Sawgrass Expressway, Hollywood International Airport, and Downtown Fort Lauderdale —just minutes away. This completely renovated low-rise treasure boasts a high-end reception area, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, treadmill desk, nap room and modern workspaces.

The planned city of Plantation has its distinct flair, and features various entertainment hubs, retail shops, museums, transportation options, and more. Companies that choose to locate their business here enjoy being in close proximity to entertainment and lifestyle opportunities, amidst a thriving business district.


OUR QUESTERS Love Plantation

Quest Workspaces is an amazing place to office. The staff is friendly, helpful, and professional. They go the extra mile to assist in any way that they can. The space is beautiful, functional, and well designed. There is a vibrant community consisting of many types and sizes of business. It is great to have people who are up to something to talk to and collaborate with. I highly recommend Quest Workspaces.
John Zentgraf
21:08 13 Mar 18
Since working from home, it is a pleasure having Quest Workspace as an alternative space for business and client meetings. From their modernized work environment and amenities to their professional staff, it's no wonder there's a waiting list to rent! I'll gladly wait
dialen ariste
19:58 13 Apr 18
Unique spaces and amazing staff. I am always confident to refer friends, colleagues and clients to this amazing company. They are always sure to be in good hands.
Bonnie Ross
14:21 17 Apr 18
I have been a tenant since March of this year and I have been extremely happy with my experience. The staff is very friendly, accommodating and courteous. There is a very relaxed, yet professional atmosphere that permeates the entire work space. We fight over freshly baked cookies on Wednesday and chill out over cocktails on Friday. I highly recommend Quest as an excellent work space solution. You get everything you need and eliminate the cost of unused office space and unwanted amenities. A small start-up can give the appearance of being a large- well established company to their clients here at Quest.
Walter Wright
17:50 09 Oct 17
Coming into Quest to work everyday is a pleasure. The staff and environment are so colorful and vibrant. I love working around so many different companies and being able to network within the office space. The staff here does an excellent job pulling everyone together for cookies on Wednesday, Happy Hour on Friday and holiday parties in between. Thank you for all you do!
17:57 08 May 18
Love being here. The team was so helpful when i decided to move my offices so they would all be next to each other. Obi and Jen AKA Quest Plantation Moving Services! 5 Stars!
Ramon Rubio
19:37 07 May 18
Excellent service and spaces! The QUEST team at the front desk are amazing and will go the extra mile to help you out!
Carolina Villegas
20:11 07 Jun 18
Excellent team! Beautiful office with lots of amenities, great perks like the chat rooms. Plenty of coffee, tea and ice for the summer. We had a meeting this week that ran so smooth, thanks to Jeniffer and Jules! Obi, the Director is professional and always nice! Thank you!
Luciana Berger
15:39 21 Jun 18
Great workspace for your company, good office climate , free coffee, small kitchen area, really have enjoyed my time, Melissa and Jennifer are very professional and helpful at all times!
Jesse Mclaughlin
16:33 27 Jun 18
If you are looking to rent a space for your company, this is the place to be, i am located in the Plantation facility, the team is excellent, difficult to find someone more attentive and dedicated than the manager Obi, beautiful offices and all the amenitys are 5 stars
herman graziani
16:58 14 Aug 18
Quest is the perfect place to have your office. Everything you need in one place. The Staff is wonderful...
Solar Construction
16:29 14 Aug 18
This place has a great vibe to it. There is a very communal feeling with all of the different companies that all share Quest space. When the elevator door opens you feel like you are in a brand new NYC high rise. Highly recommend!
Jon Neveloff
14:02 01 Nov 18
Recently we moved from Downtown Fort Lauderdale to Quest Plantation. This move was to right-size the usable square footage to our existing needs, with the ability to expand when necessary. Quest Plantation is the perfect choice for us, close to major highways for easy access, convenient shopping, restaurants for our staff, and four commercial banks within a one-mile radius. Located on the third of a five-story building, the elevators open to a spacious reception area. Behind the marble reception counter Sophie and Anna, Quest employees receive guests, answer phone calls and collect/distribute the mail in addition to their administrative duties. These responsibilities alone would be a handful for most individuals but for Sophie and Anna it’s only the beginning. Early each morning Sophie is clearing the washed cups and glasses out of the dishwasher, neatly replacing them away for us to use with the coffee/hot coco machine, re stocking the teabags and paper towels, and clearing the sinks. Anna makes every effort, assuring her tenants are content with their experience. The ladies’ coordinated Cookie Wednesdays, Happy Hour Fridays, and even pancake breakfast Monday. Anna and Sophie both make a good team and work well together, they are kind, polite, and always cheerful. Obi is the company’s general manager, and facilitates your paperwork, meeting your needs for office space and equipment. He assisted us with having partitions set up and scheduling wiring for power and network conductivity. He also obtained the necessary permits required by the City of Plantation to occupy the space.Refrigerator space is available for lunch storage and Fridays are clean out days. A vending machine with reasonably priced snacks and drinks is located on the floor next to a photocopy machine and shredder. It’s a professional modern office, with available Wi-Fi. There are rooms for exercise, and relaxation, and phone booths for personal phone calls, the rest rooms are clean, well maintained and modern looking.To sum it up it’s a nice laid-back working environment, convenient to shopping and banking, this is an excellent choice for any business who is looking for the flexibility to grow in their workspace.
H Yam
17:58 06 Nov 18
Love working here! Such a CLEAN and professional environment with very friendly peeps 🙂
Kim Flanagan
15:08 01 Nov 18
Amazing staff, great office space and location. The office staff is friendly, professional and welcoming to all my clients. The first impression are what people remember and associate with me and my business, so thank you!! Also, Quest offers amenities and office decor unlike others in the area, a pleasure to come here.
Nidia Repinski
22:16 21 Jan 19
Stunning atmosphere along with hard working people who will put a smile on your face day to day. Great amenities and the only place you need to consider if looking for office space.
Rachel Dunn
16:25 03 Apr 19
This place is the best place to rent out a work space. The energy is great and they are so professional!
Tamaris Ortiz
16:05 20 Jun 19
As a professional photographer and CEO of the Florida youth foundation, I was extremely pleased with the respect and professionalism that the staff was showing !
Michael burke
16:46 20 Jun 19
Quest Workspace by far has the best staff and work environment that I have ever seen 🙂
Camille Suckie
18:23 20 Jun 19
My company moved in early this year and it's been a wonderful experience. The staff is very friendly and the space is warn and inviting! Lots of great perks, like private phone rooms and chat rooms.
Jason Mitchell
19:10 19 Jul 19
I've been at the Plantation office for almost a year and it's been great! We haven't lost internet once and the facility is always clean and professional. The staff is very friendly and helpful when called upon. I'd love to have covered parking but otherwise no complaints..
Matt Silvers
20:41 19 Jul 19
Natalia and Ana, are amazing upfront, the make things so easy on me and make me look professional, thank you Quest Team
The CPU Squad
14:30 21 Aug 19
Someone already wrote about the fruit infused water! But really, It's amazing. I love that perk of this office so much. Quest has everything you need for business, and then a bunch of little perks that just make your day so much better. The staff really pays attention to detail. It's a pleasure coming to work here. I am so impressed with this office space and glad we chose it over the downtown individual office life.
Stephanie Loomis
17:10 28 Aug 19
So far my exprience here has been great, Staff is polite, friendly and willing to help if your in need of something, or if something is wrong with your work space it's looked at and taken care of right away. The atmosphere is also very refreshing and Inviting.
Bruce Phillip
14:59 04 Sep 19
Our entire team at Zenith Realty Group loves this work space. The office is beautiful with great amenities. We have developed productive relationships with other companies in our location such as ICABA, Primary Residential Mortgage and plan on working with a few more. Quest Workspace has proven to be a great decision for Zenith Realty Group.
Dhaima Lindo
03:31 07 Sep 19
Highly professional workspace with state of the art design, with a lot of great community workspaces. My clients love it and I love being here!
Richard Browdy
03:31 13 Sep 19
Great place to have a work space for 1-20 employees. Centralized location with plenty of eateries nearby. Obi, Ana and Natalia are very accommodating and even bake fresh cookies once a week.
Mike Rolle
18:07 17 Sep 19
The staff at Quest Workspace are very accommodating and are constantly hosting events to keep the Questers here at Plantation involved in the work space and socializing. The office spaces and kitchen are is great. The space is open and does not make you feel closed in.
Connie Horsch
15:08 18 Sep 19
This place has helped to improve the productivity of my days hence, improving my business. Any time I get to spend time here, I know I will spend my days at the height of productivity. They have helped to make my job easier in countless ways. What an injustice it would be if I didn’t mention the folks at the front desk will do everything in their power to help you achieve efficiency in your time at Quest. From Natalia, Obi and to Ana, they’re just so ready to be helpful at all times. I wish I had more thumbs so I could give them 5 thumbs. Great place and even better environment to conduct business. Thank you all so much for all the help you’ve provided to me.
Ferley Galette
17:23 25 Sep 19
There are a lot of choices when it comes to co-working spaces, but what differentiates one from another is its staff. Yes, the perks are fabulous, but Manager Obi Nnolim has a passionate commitment to his clients and their comfort, which makes Quest Workspaces a choice you won't regret.
Ely Mondshein
04:38 04 Oct 19
the ambiance is very welcoming and modern, the lap room, chat room, the nap room (yes you can take a nap), the fresh cookies on Wednesday, the infuse water available all the time, the all type of coffees from the coffee machine and the amazing ladies at the front desk. all that and more (yes it is more come and visit to be amaze for yourself), add a value when you have an office here dont matter the size, or the use of the meeting rooms.
Ximena Mejia
18:29 17 Oct 19
We have been renting here for a little over a year. Great ambiance, clean, work spaces and shared areas. Ana, Obi and Natalia are welcoming and always willing to help. This is a perfect place to get work done, as well as network and see what other companies have to offer. There are periodic social events to meet and great neighbors or local businesses. The beauty of the social events is that it is optional and non-intrusive. This is a perfect melting pot of work spaces and people that offer a diverse community. I would highly recommend Quest for your office needs.
Mike Jones
13:04 23 Oct 19
Natalia Gutierrez has been of great assistance, from the first day I went to tour the Plantation location to just recently when I needed to reschedule a meeting. She responded quickly to my request and was very accommodating. Both Natalia and Obi have been great to work with, I would highly recommend this location.
Blanca Choy
21:12 14 Nov 19
Obi, Ana and Natalia have made it easy for me to grow my business and become more productive. The staff continuously brings its clients together during community events, like the Quest Potluck that was held yesterday. Great environment, awesome atmosphere!
Mike Peña
18:32 22 Nov 19
Been here for a few months, absolutely love this place! They have an amazing staff that is always helpful, the work spaces are not congested, great amenities and so much more. They always have some cute competitions/events for the holidays and don't get me started on the cookies they bake every so often. Obi, Ana, Natalia and Ruta you guys are amazing!
Sue Nair
20:18 22 Nov 19
Our company moved into the workspace 1.5 years ago from downtown area to get away from the standstill traffic. We are very impressed with professional environment. The staff here are top notch and always accommodating (OBI, Ana, and Natalia) for whatever your business needs are. We continue to add more offices as we expand and recommend any business looking for professional workspace to come here.
Joe Vosilla
18:48 27 Nov 19
We moved into the Quest Workspace two years ago, and it was a great decision. The space is maintained very well and the staff provides a welcoming environment. There are various activities throughout the year open to all companies in the workspace that provide great networking opportunities as well. Obi, Natalia, and Ana do a phenomenal job with assisting in every way that they can. Overall, the experience has been amazing.
John Bartelmo
16:58 09 Dec 19
Nice laid-back working environment, convenient to shopping and banking, this is an excellent choice for any business who is looking for the flexibility to grow in their workspace.The team is what really makes this place shine! Kudos to Obi, Ana, and Natalia!
Gabriel Galarza
18:59 26 Nov 19
👍Beautiful and comfortable office. Do not have any problems with it. Like the coffee in the morning and the convenience of everything here. Even got the mall's food quart right by here in case I get hungry.😁
Samuel Gomez
20:45 27 Dec 19
I love working at this space; it definitely makes me more productive working among other business people. The space is open and casual, and the staff is helpful. They have everything you need to be comfortable and get your work done, including private meeting rooms, conference rooms, and telephone rooms. They even have a nap room! Plenty of coffee, tea and they host networking events for members.
Patricia Rahmankhah
16:51 11 Feb 20
Friendly and casual office environment. I appreciate having office space here. The entire staff are approachable, welcoming and friendly. Obi, always accommodating. Ana has helped me several times whether it be with setting up technology, notary services, referring other resources, etc. And the cleaning crew does a great job as well. Thank you to the Quest Team.
Jill Shea
16:42 02 Mar 20
Our growing company recently moved into Quest Plantation and we absolutely love it. The atmosphere is very modern and unique, you can really tell people are happy to come to work. The staff is amazing. Natalia gave us our initial tour and really made us feel welcomed as we were moving in. Obi the area manager has been a pleasure to work with and is always available to help and answer our questions. We love our office space, its hassle free and feels like a perfect fit for us. I truly enjoy coming to Quest everyday to work, I couldn't imagine a more motivating and fun workplace. If you are considering a workspace environment, I HIGHLY recommend Quest Workspaces Plantation!
Kelley Hernandez
15:47 12 Mar 20
Great place for a virtual office. They keep the place nice & clean. Nice meeting rooms as well!
Cameron b
14:05 28 Jul 20
Staff is friendly, professional and very helpful! I worked with Obi, the area manager and Shanese, the Community Director of the Plantation office to find me the perfect office space. The offices are located in a very warm, inviting, yet modern, atmosphere. I felt I had found the perfect environment to get very needed work done the minute I walked in the door.
Sunny Lentini
20:29 07 Aug 20
Best Executive Office Experience...far exceeds the competition in South Florida! Professional staff in a modern facility (with amazing cappuccino machine!), excellent connectivity and an impressive group of entrepreneurs as neighbors. I have office suites around the world and none have offered the complete services that Quest has. Best choice I made this month was moving in to this professional community ( I needed more privacy than my home office offered with kids at home during pandemic) If you need an office, and they have one available, sign the lease will not be disappointed!(They deserve a 6th star, but Google only lets me give them 5.)
15:19 14 Aug 20
Ana Castillo is a great asset to your company. She has always been extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The company I work for no longer holds meetings here but I am coming back for me, personally, to hold meetings and have a workspace to go to. There is a great business vibe here. Nice, clean and organized location. If you're looking for a coworking space in Plantation, definitely check them out here.
Jennifer Altschuler
15:37 13 Aug 20
Incredible community of "Questers" that Obi, Ana and the rest of team have created at the Plantation office location! Not only do these phenomenal office staff employees create a great experience for the tenants but they are equally attentive to the many guests and visitors that come into the local offices as well. Great hospitality backed up with an incredibly clean and safe office location. Thanks Obi, Ana and everybody else for taking such great care of all of the tenants!!
Darrin Rohr
18:11 28 Aug 20
Great place to work! I have been here for.many years and the staff is amazing, the conference rooms etc are great and the nap room is my fave!
Tamara Sabbagh
01:23 17 Sep 20
Such a great place to work at! Shanese, Obi and Lian are always super helpful, professional and friendly! Thanks for everything you guys do to make this a good environment for everybody!!
Fernanda Cardoso
15:57 28 Oct 20
Spent 3 years at QUEST PLANTATION and they exceeded expectations. Very clean and the work spaces was perfect for my start up. Being able to save on overhead helped my business grow. The front desk ladies were always helpful. Obi is a great manager. I highly suggest checking them out.
Colton Lehmann
15:38 02 Nov 20
A great place to work. Nice amenities. Excellent location. And the staff is so friendly and professional. When we met Obi, (Broward area manager), we knew right away that we wanted our business to be located here. Obi pays exceptional attention to detail and people.
Gregory J. Mullen
17:08 02 Nov 20
Don't rent an office before you visit this facility!I had four appointments scheduled to see different offices but after seeing this one I immediately signed the list with Obi.The place is decorated very very nice and you feel at home.The staff is great and great coffee is available all day.
Shanir Kol
16:37 06 Nov 20
Great workspaces, very clean and attentive staff. Always helpful. Always have tea and coffee available.
Alex Garmizo
15:07 25 Mar 21
Warm atmosphere, great staff and NOT HAUNTED. I work late a lot so that goes a long with me. Thanks Q!
Drew Umland
19:42 25 Mar 21
Love it here. Friendly and clean! Melissa and Roxy are the best.
Rose Palacio
19:41 25 Mar 21
Love my experience at quest! A great place to work, very clean, and overall a great location. Melissa is the best!
Matthew Carvalho
15:09 26 Mar 21
Ms. Miranda and Ms. Perez are doing a wonderful job. It is a pleasure to work with such professionals who really care about their customers. I am very pleased with the continuing excellent level of service at Quest In Plantation.
15:48 29 Mar 21
The best place to work!! It is comfortable and the energy that emanates is great. The staff is so nice. Specially Melissa and Rossi, make my day with little details and smiles. If you are looking for a great space to work, this is it.
admin aio
13:23 07 Apr 21
Melissa is the best. She is very friendly and professional. She is excellent with the clients and wants to create the best client experience when they walk through the door.
Ramon Rubio
16:26 23 Apr 21
Melissa and Quest provided excellent services for my booking. The location was so beautifully designed. The level of professionalism far exceeded industry standards. I highly recommend Quest (especially this Plantation location) for all your meetings and business needs.
Dianne Grant
02:34 29 Apr 21
I love working at Quest Plantation. I own Shaded Aesthetics and I am esthetician. All of my clients are treated with respect and greeted with a smile upon entering. Marian and Roxy are the absolute best! They are also eager to help with any concern that I have.
Keera Brabham
16:23 09 Jun 21
They are very friendly in this place. Roxi and Marian are always willing to collaborate and have a smile to give away. The place is super comfortable, clean, nice, big and cute. They offer all the services to work comfortably and safely. The location near the highway is perfect for everyday use. Recommended 100%
Alicia Franceschi
14:15 06 Jul 21
I love this place! The atmosphere and vibe is amazing! The front desk is very cheerful and helpful. They have complimentary coffee/tea and always make us feel like we’re one big team although we do many different things. Thank you Roxy and Marian for being great hosts!
Kailia Cunningham
16:56 14 Jul 21
I was recently shopping around for a workspace for my small business and discovered Quest Workspaces Plantation. I was immediately impressed with the unique New York office loft style. That was followed by an incredibly friendly staff consisting of front desk Admin, Marian and the General Manager, Roxy Recio. Both very professional and enthusiastic. I immediately fell in love with the place and felt like I was at home; however, the cost was above my budget for what was available. Therefore, I searched other locations in hopes to find that the feeling I got at Quest but for the right cost. Its safe to say that I made my way back to Quest Workspaces Plantation. Roxy sat me down, listened to my business desires and challenges. As a result, I am now a tenant at this wonderful location I now call my business home. Lets just say she listened and delivered. I HIGHLY recommend this place and I owe it all to the amazing staff lead by an outstanding General Manager In Roxy Recio
Jodel Felix
19:32 19 Jul 21
I love this place! Roxy and Marian in quest plantation they are always willing to help and making this place an amazing one to have your space. Thank you ladies for all that you do to make us feel like home!!
vanessa armenta
21:35 24 Aug 21
I absolutely love this workspace! It is equipped with everything you need to operate your business. It has a wonderful ambiance and everyone is just so friendly. Roxy and Marianne are absolutely amazing! They are extremely pleasant and eager to help out with anything. I can’t say enough good things about them! Thank you for making my working atmosphere so enjoyable!
Sharlene Scott
18:09 07 Sep 21
So happy to be working in here! Roxy and Marian are always very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is very positive and I am always greeted with a smile
Cristina Miranda
13:07 28 Sep 21
It's always a great day at Quest Workspaces - Plantation! Marian and Roxi give meaning to the expression, " there is always something to celebrate". They are super pleasant and enthusiastically get the job done on a daily basis. Come join the fun and the family of businesses that make this Center a great place to work!
Intake Email
20:57 30 Sep 21
I love working at this site. In particular, there are two staff members who make it perfect here-Roxy Recio and Marian Fontanez--. They go the extra mile to make our working experience so so pleasant. They are intelligent, courteous, and incredibly accommodating. Thank you so much for employing such wonderful staff.
Ileana Haedo
20:56 30 Sep 21
Great place to start a business. Awesome atmosphere. Marian & Roxy are the best. Always there to help. The celebrations they put together are spectacular. Love coming to work!
Tammy Wiese
20:56 30 Nov 21
Our firm has been at Quest for nearly a year now, and can’t express enough how accommodating, responsive, and helpful Roxy and Marian are! From move in and leasing support to the every day, they are there to support any request and if they can’t make it happen, they will move mountains to find a way to help, and all with a smile! The floor is very modern and professional yet festive and enjoyable to work in on a daily basis. Thank you for making our home away from home a great place to be.
Leah Richter
22:21 30 Nov 21
This place is amazing Marian and Roxy have been a great help during the move in process. Highly recommend, great environment and energy. Very nice and clean common areas. Not to mention the coffee machine is immaculate and the cherry on top !!!!
Zachary Whitehead
22:07 30 Nov 21
This place is awesome!! Marian and Roxy always greet you with the biggest smiles! Those two women cater to what ever need I have and keep amazing energy while doing so! 10/10
Samuel Womble
23:05 30 Nov 21
I have been working out of the plantation office for almost half a year, and have to say the staff here is unparalleled! Roxy and Marian are not only friendly but very professional and have made my work experience that more pleasant! You can really see their commitment in all the activities they prepare for the floor to make everyone feel part of the team.
Rachel Martin
14:42 06 Dec 21
We have been at the Quest Plantation office for about 4 months and absolutely love it. The space is beautiful and the staff is even better. Both Roxy and Marian are terrific. They both go out of their way to make everyone feel good and are always finding ways to bring the quest community in the office together.
Ashish Bagai
21:12 22 Dec 21
I love coming to work! I have a start-up business located in Quest workspace and I am so impressed by Roxy and Marian! They are so pleasant, cheerful, and are always available to help me (and my team) out with anything they can do! It’s a pleasure to walk into a clean, well-kept environment that has two lovely ladies who have a genuine interest in our success. The decor is great, and even better, they make an effort to build a positive work culture by holding special events (whether for holidays, or for colleague birthdays or just for FUN!) - and they always decorate with a wonderful theme in mind (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc)! I highly recommend this workspace for start-up businesses. It’s a wonderful place to work - and I think it’s due to the leading ladies of the Quest Plantation office. Thank-you Roxy and Marian! 😃
Monika Srivastava
22:50 23 Dec 21
Marian and Roxy are awesome!! They are always ready to assist with anything needed and both have a positive cheerful disposition. These ladies go over and beyond to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the office. The office is immaculate and always stocked well with anything you could need. I highly recommend Quest Plantation because of their superior customer service. Quest office space allows professionals to focus on their tasks, while providing what’s needed to do so. Five stars for Roxy and Marian! Thank you ladies for all that you do to support us!!
Mel B
14:46 04 Jan 22
There is no enough words to describe the wonderful Performance of this office. Roxy and Mariam are amazing! They always has an answer to our questions and go beyond our expectations, they are kind and always with a beautiful smile. Highly recommended, if you are planing to have an office or looking for an space to grow your business, don't hesitate to come to Quest Workspace Plantation.
oriana Higuera
17:24 13 Jan 22
I've loved working out of Quest. My colleagues and I have been here for 6 months. The facilities are great: nice modern decor and vibrant. The staff are so hospitable and warm, they make everyone feel like they're party of a closely knit community. Hats off to Roxy and Marian for doing such an amazing job. If they move, I will move my office with them!
Amir Fardshisheh
21:23 19 Jan 22
I am new to the shared office space, but I want to say how amazing Roxy and Leeann have been. They have been so welcoming, kind, helpful and have provided amazing guidance since the first day. They both have gone above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered, and needs were taken care of. I am pleased to be here and happy to know that we have these two amazing professionals who take care of the entire office and always do so with a wonderful, positive attitude.
Dayana Leme
15:57 21 Mar 22
We have been there for over a year now and I can’t tell you how happy we have been. The office is stunning and I have been asked by my guests if I owned the whole floor 4x. The front office make you and your guests feel so comfortable , especially Roxy. She is one of the main reasons we renewed our lease. She’s so professional and always makes things right .. she handles the whole office with a smile. Thank you Roxy for always saving our day !
Senior Proof
23:51 22 Mar 22
Quest has been amazing!!! Peaceful, Friendly, Clean and Professional!!!!Leeann & Roxy go well and above & beyond in making you and your staff feel welcomed. They are kind, friendly and a pleasure to be able to work alongside as we continue to grow our business. It's great to know that true professionals and customer service still exists!!!! Each interaction with them continues to impress us. Highly recommend!!!!
Jay X
18:02 01 May 22
Professional, friendly and helpful!!! This workspace offered everything I needed plus so much more. The staff was incredible and the space was beautiful. I will hold all my future events here. It was a convenient and easy to find location. I cannot recommend enough!
Jules Fleming
15:18 01 May 22
This place is spectacular! Love the interior design and the connections that we build on the daily. I get so excited when Quest holds events! Roxy and Leeann are always joyful and welcoming.
Kailia Cunningham
13:43 05 May 22


General Manager



Quest Workspaces was voted Best Places To Work in Florida every year since 2012. Our team members are the most caring, professional, and energetic people you will ever have the pleasure of working with.



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