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Quest Workspaces - Six Feet Safe Social DistancingThrough our Six Feet Safe practices, Quest Workspaces provides a safe and productive workspace environment to enable your business and well-being to thrive.

Quest Workspaces - COVID-19 Response Guide

View our COVID-19 Response Guide (PDF)

At Quest, we’re taking all measures to ensure our workspaces provide a safe and productive environment that enables your business and well-being to thrive. With the national dialogue focusing on workplace re-occupancy, we are dedicated to providing a productive, supportive and safe workspace to rebuild and renew your business.

Our workspaces are designed for private, undisrupted work with full support so you can focus on your business. To accommodate social distancing and other “Six Feet Safe” practices, we’re making adjustments in common areas, reception and other spaces.

Quest Workspaces: Six Feet Safe, Well, and Thriving.

Social Distancing in the WorkplaceThe following are some of the “Six Feet Safe” adjustments we are putting into place:

  • “Six Feet Safe” signage in cafes, restrooms, lobbies, and reception areas.
  • Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers throughout workspaces.
  • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces, including door handles, café countertops & coffee machines, refrigerators, conference room surfaces, and other surfaces.
  • Provision of masks in reception areas.
  • Use of gloves by staff when handling mail, packages, and other “in-transit” materials.
  • Reduced seating in reception, cafes, chat rooms, meeting rooms, and other common areas to accommodate “Six Feet Safe” spaces.
  • Creating “Six Feet Safe” zones around reception desks, printers, cafes, and other community areas.
  • Use of only disposable and recyclable cups, utensils and plates in the café; and single use condiments and other items.
  • Regular client communication to Questers regarding density reductions, enhanced safety and wellness initiatives, updated cleaning regimens, encouragement of social distancing, promoting the use of masks and gloves as appropriate and use of sanitizer and disinfectants in individual workspaces.
  • Enhanced Quester business-building initiatives, including Quest Connect webinars, “marketplaces” and community forums.

Quest Workspaces Supports Essential Businesses and Services with Remote Support Services and Virtual Office Packages

Quest continues to operate workspaces to support essential businesses and provide essential services, and also to support those of you who are working from home with virtual and remote services. Our commitment is to support you now and beyond Coronavirus.

Quest Cares

Quest Workspaces offers free office space and services to qualified nonprofits, 501(c) and charitable organizations.

Charitable Workspaces

To understand what makes Quest Workspaces so special you don’t have to look any further than the people that work here.

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