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Volunteer Day: LifeNet4Familes

Volunteer Day: LifeNet4Familes

Team Member: Amanda Gonzalez 

Tell us about your project

During the holidays, people need some extra love. Since it’s my favorite time of the year, I was excited to volunteer during Christmas to help families in need have a wonderful holiday with a great feast! I am apart of and was able to find LifeNet4Families, an organization that provides boxed food packages for these families. They assemble food boxes twice a week containing pasta, sauces, bread, milk, canned vegetables and sweet treats like cookies and fruit snacks for kids. LifeNet4Families also provides hot meals from their on-site cafeteria catered by their own chefs. Families from across the city come to the organization not only to pick up their food boxes, but also to enjoy a hot meal with their families.

Why was this project important to you?

This project was important to me because my mother always made Christmas a special holiday for my brother, sister and I while we were growing up. She always went out of her way to make sure we felt extra special. I wanted to spread that love to others. I really enjoyed seeing their smiling faces as they came to pick up their food boxes and the volunteers were very passionate about helping out!

How did you contribute?

I helped assemble the boxes from start to finish. We had an assembly line where we would build the boxes and fill them up with different foods. Once they were assembled, I helped pass them to families. My favorite part was filling the boxes with candies and cookies since we all know the holidays are better with dessert! Overall, this was a great experience and helped me appreciate all that I have. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to serve others!


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