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Moms That Rock


Laura Kozelouzek
Age: 47
Founder and CEO Quest Workspaces, Miami and New York City
Mom to Jordan Sotomayor, 10

My time with my son is sacred for me; I make sure I am present and focused when we are together. While my company demands a lot of my time, Jordan knows he comes first. I started my company so that I would have the flexibility to be a very involved mom, but that often means working late at night after putting Jordan to bed. I also include Jordan in my work, visiting locations, explaining the company goals and by feeling part of it, he not only understands when I need take conference calls and travel, but often tells me how I should run the company!

Above all, I wish for my son to be happy and fulfilled—for me, that makes for a successful life. I also stress the importance of being kind, giving and respectful. It’s important for me to set an example and to live life with passion, enjoy the moment, have fun and laugh a lot together. I also emphasize confidence, believing in himself, always “going for it” and doing the right thing.

Luckily, I realized early on that my son has a mind of his own, prefers to lead and is an extremely independent thinker, and so am I. These traits can make parenting a challenge. So I decided to work with him instead of clashing. I empower him to make many decisions on his own, and we discuss and sometimes negotiate to get the outcome. With important matters, when it has to be my way, I explain why and he respects that. In many ways, I parent Jordan the same way I manage my team, and it’s very effective.

We are very active and love adventure. We are water sports fanatics—waterskiing, jet skiing, kayaking, boating and scuba diving. We also love snow skiing, rollerblading and biking. We love to be outdoors, but when inside, we can spend hours playing rummikub or building puzzles. Travel is very important to us and we ski out west every year and love to experience new countries and cultures. This summer we toured seven countries and 14 new cities.

Like most working moms, finding time for myself is tricky. But when I do, spending time in nature is where I find peace and recharge. I love hiking, skiing, biking, and horseback riding, and when exercising I find it clears my head.

My son looks exactly like his dad, but has my personality. It’s usually so much fun to watch, except for the stubborn trait that we both share. He is very social and silly, and loves to make others laugh and throw parties. I used to own a restaurant and Jordan definitely shares the “hospitality” trait.  At four years old he was our chef, and by the age of five, he was trying to bartend for tips. He loves to lead and has an entrepreneurial mind, conceiving new business ideas weekly, which really excites me, since my first business was a coffee stand at the age of 12.




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