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Please Give from the Heart on this Valentine’s Day

>Good morning Questers and Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are reaching out to you today because Quest has partnered with Drops of Hope to provide pediatric cancer patients from low incomes families with a personalized room makeover. It’s part of Drops of Hope’s “Rooms of Hope” campaign.

Quest is launching a charity challenge among our four centers throughout South Florida. Funds collected from the challenge will help furnish rooms with new furniture, lighting, paint, air purifiers, hardwood flooring to deter allergens, curtains, bed linens, toys, personal electronics and other bedroom accessories. We need to collect $4,500 by March 9th to create Marjorie’s dream room. In the spirit of giving, Quest is rewarding the Quester that raises the most money with a designer office makeover as a thank you for their generosity!

We really want to make Marjorie’s dream come true and we need your help to do that. Please feel free to forward this message to family, friends and colleagues.

Donate now by dropping off a check to your any of our 4 locations, Brickell, Coral Gables, Ft. Luaderdale or Boca Raton or add your donation to your March invoice.

Below please find information about our Quest Charity Challenge recipient:

Quest Meets All Your Meeting Needs

We all know that the business landscape is rapidly evolving and changing. Meeting a potential client at Starbucks or at a cafe is becoming the norm. But why be normal? Be different and be impressive! Quest Workspaces is here to make sure all your meeting needs at met and exceeded.

Quest offers you and your clients a beautiful and professional meeting atmosphere that will impress your clients and give them the confidence to retain your services. Our friendly and professional staff will greet your client, offer them something to drink and escort them into one of our various meeting room spaces where you will knock their socks off!

Need to do a presentation? Our conference rooms are equipped with Wifi, conference phones, white boards and LCD TV screens.

Need to meet a client last minute? Jump onto our Quest Client Care Portal and schedule your meeting instantly 24/7 at all locations.

Need to meet a client over the weekend? Quest conference rooms are available to schedule after hours, on weekends, and holidays.

Need something more intimate? All Quest locations offer Day Offices starting at $10/hr.

Need a notary? All Quest centers have a notary on staff, as well as witnesses.

Need to do a video conference? All Quest centers offer complimentary Skype video conferences.

Need reservations made for a lunch after your meeting? Let our CSC know where you’d like to go and they will do the rest.

Need anything? Let us know what will make your meeting a success and we will make it happen.

Let Quest make the most of your next meeting today! For more information call us at 800.268.1051. With locations in Miami, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and New York City.

Quester Office Flair

Quest Workspaces is all about personalization not just in our office packages but in how our clients’ express themselves within their offices. The sky is the limit and at Quest we never want to limit the creativity of our Questers when it comes to office decor. When one of our very first clients, Melissa Ortiz of Sapphire Recruiters moved into our Brickell center, the first thing she asked was if it was ok for her to paint her accent wall Sapphire blue and of course we said YES! Personalization can make all the difference in helping Questers work better and be as productive as possible. Recently in our Coral Gables location, Kimberly Manna, President of Panama Jack came to tour the center, her biggest concern was the ability to be able to decorate her office with her Panama Jack Home Decor line and again of course we said YES! It does not have to be a complete furniture change but simply putting up a company’s logo on the wall or hanging a picture, painting an accent wall or adding a plant, it’s all about personalizing your space and making it your own! At Quest Workspaces we really believe in working the way you want and we do not believe in limiting our clients for the sake of uniformity, it would make for one boring office!

Quest Workspaces Opens a New Office Space Center in New York City

After two years of much planning and searching for the ideal location, Quest Workspaces announces that we are expanding our national coverage and opening a 5th office space center in New York City in the famed Time Life Building on the 43rd floor, across the street from Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center.

Founder and CEO of Quest, Laura Kozelouzek, a native New Yorker, who has had aspirations of opening a Quest office in NYC from the start, “New York City is home for me. I have been managing NYC business centers since 1991 and I am constantly receiving calls from friends and colleagues asking for help in finding office space in the City so it only made sense to open a center here. My career in this industry actually started in office tower next to 1271 Avenue of The Americas 22 years ago so it almost seems destined for Quest to be here. This is also a great opportunity to expand Quest into one of the most sought after markets in the world for our clients.”

The center is located on the 43rd floor with sprawling views of the NY cityscape. The office space will be renovated with the most up to date furnishings, technology and will be staffed with one of our signature friendly, fun and professional Quest teams. Quest is honored to be in the company of Fortune 500 tenants such as Time, In Style, People and Sports Illustrated to name a few. With an array of amenities that include fine dining, Quest café, meeting rooms, outdoor terraces and the underground Rockefeller concourse, that connects clients to hundreds of shops, services and subway lines, this building has it all and more.

To be able to give our Florida Questers the ability to expand their businesses to the epicenter of international business is so exciting. With this expansion Questers can set up business identities in NYC for next to nothing as well as meet with clients from all over the world with ease in one of our conference rooms or day offices. Quest will be offering special rates to all clients and will be rolling out a special conference room plan in the coming months for both Florida and NYC Questers.

Be on the lookout for our official press release in the coming weeks which will announce the opening date of the center.

We are honored to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary with this announcement! Thank you to everyone who has made it possible.

Boca Raton Center Renovations have begun!

Quest Workspaces began it’s Boca Raton center renovation last Friday evening. This renovation will give the office space center a “facelift” while still maintaining the classic charm everyone has come to love.

The renovations will include a brand new lobby, kitchen, several new offices, a new office for June, Boca’s Center Manager, shared touch down space, new carpet in all the offices, as well as upgrades to all the conference rooms.

Please excuse our dust during this renovation, we will be keeping Questers up to date as all the sections are being constructed.

All our conference rooms will continue to be available for rental and it will be business as usual!

We will be posting new entries as sections are completed!

We are very excited to be able to provide our clients with even better space and more up to date technology. We know how important it is for your business.

Quest Workspaces is announced as a Finalist for Wayne Huizenga Start Up Award

It was announced this week that Quest Workspaces has been named as a Finalist for the Wayne Huizenga Start Up of the Year Award, sponsored by the South Florida Business Journal. At the event on April 26th, one of three finalists in the category will be announced as the winner. This award was created to “recognize startup companies on the fast track to success”. We cannot begin to put into words how excited we are to be receiving such an honor and especially from such a wellknown, successful and influential businessman as Wayne Huizenga. Not only is the Quest Team one of the reasons we have been given this nomination but we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our clients! Without their belief and confidence in what we do we could not imagine being so successful. Thank to them as well as the board that selected the finalists and the South FL Business Journal. Keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck!

Quest Workspaces Voted 2012 “Best Place to Work”

Last Thursday Quest Workspaces was recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the “best places to work.” We were one of 15 finalists selected in the small business category. I attended a luncheon with Kamani and the center managers where they announced the rankings, starting with number 15 and working their way up to the #1 best place to work. We all had butterflies and let out screams of excitement and relief every time they announced another winner and we kept moving up in the ranking. We are a competitive bunch!

As the MC reaches #4 and begins describing our company, we realize it’s Quest Workspaces!!! With only 7 of us screaming and cheering so loud in a ballroom filled with 400 people, the MC stops and laughs because we are jumping up and down and carrying on as though we just won the lotto!

We may have been recognized as on of the top 4 places to work in Southern FL but after witnessing the Quest team’s pride and passion I knew we had won!

Thank you team Quest and to our Questers for making Quest Workspaces a great place to work and congratulations to all of the finalists!

The Changing World of Work: What will Your Office look like in 5 Years?

Will it even be in an office? Or will it be a park bench or maybe a stool in a “drop in work zone.” Forget videoconferencing, will our meetings take place through imaginary avatars? Will there be “full time” positions at companies with benefits, or will we be “contractors” hired when needed? Will the cost of fuel, environmental pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint and office space use, turn our homes into a place where we work and live?

These questions are not so far reaching. We have already seen the emergence of the “third place.” This is a place that people work “in between” the corporate office and their home. Since when did it become appropriate to hold meetings in coffee shops?
Work on the go is the new norm. Enabled by technology and supported by workers’ desire to have flexibility, companies have now adopted “alternative workplace strategies”.

The added bonus for companies is that it is also saving them money, A LOT of money! A recent study showed that 60% of all office space sits empty when you factor in travel, meetings, sick days, lunch etc. Companies that have adopted a “virtual workplace,” or hotelling, have been able to save $7500 per worker annually for those workers that now have an unassigned seat.

Time Magazine reported that 80% of office workers wanted greater flexibility. The majority are independent knowledge workers and entrepreneurs. They represent 26% of the workforce today and 40% in 2019.

Many road warriors and free agents choose to work from the road or home as a lifestyle choice, and there has been a paradigm shift in how we view this type of “officing”. Once seen as “you poor loser, you can’t afford an office,” they are now seen as “you lucky bleep-bleep, you get to work the way you want!”

And size doesn’t matter! The size of your office was a sign of status, today it is a sign of age. The new way of working says “why? and wasteful”.

Companies looking to cut costs and reduce their use of space, technology enabling us to work anywhere, and workers wanting greater flexibility has resulted in a greater use of business centers, and it will continue to grow.

Years ago business centers/serviced offices/executive suites were seen as “temporary space” for small and start-up companies that could leverage the support services provided. Today, not only do we service entrepreneurs and growing companies, but we have now become part of the real estate strategy for large corporations and a critical component to the distributed workplace model.

Business centers have also evolved in the services they provide and the programs they offer. Quest Workspaces recognizes the increased need for agility and flexibility and our mantra is to enable our clients to “work the way they want.” No two programs or solutions are alike; each is tailored to our clients’ desires.

In 20 years of providing flexible office solutions I have never seen so many drivers changing the way we work. It has literally become the “wild west” in office space. It is a new frontier, with new rules in which innovation will flourish.